Happiness is worth gold.

We at BonusOro help you segregate, preserve and increase your assets by offering you innovative gold investment solutions.

Asset segregation:

Asset segregation: legally protect your assets from creditors’ attacks, divorces and legal disputes and more.

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Protection of the intrinsic value of assets

Protection of the intrinsic value of assets: protect the value of your assets from devaluations, inflation and more.

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Profit: earn over time thanks to the upward trend of metal and dedicated asset management solutions.

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Facilitated taxation

Facilitated taxation: enjoy the tax benefits of investing in gold in Germany such as exemption from VAT and capital gain.

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Why BonusOro

BonusOro has always stood out in the gold investment industry for its concrete and convenient solutions in favor of its clients’ assets. Unlike other entities, BonusOro does not just sell physical gold and deposit it in a safe vault, but listens to the customer’s needs and prepares for him advanced asset protection, tax and asset management strategies that see gold – a precious and durable good – as a propulsion engine.

Physical protection:

Protect your assets from creditors and legal disputes converting your wealth into a physical asset.


BonusOro has an obsessive attention to the privacy of its customers.
The data of our customers are acquired and stored on paper. Official correspondence is also exchanged with the customer on paper.
The data is in no way transferred to third parties.

Asset value protection:

In an increasingly uncertain economic and financial scenario, gold represents the antidote to devaluation and default.
Metal also protects during the stormy stages of inflation.

Insured gold bars:

All the gold bars are insured for the exact currency value and risk-free.

Facilitated taxation:

The purchase and holding of physical gold in Germany are exempt from VAT. Furthermore, capital gains tax is exempt for German companies. The only condition is that the metal is not sold before the next 12 months, according to German tax law.
Facilitated taxation

Protection of property:

Germany is one of the countries with bigger legal property protections. Financial operators are thoroughly monitored and our customers are legally protected.


Gold is a lasting asset over time and its price is constantly increasing. It will be possible to obtain huge profits.

Immediate liquidity:

The repurchase of gold and the physical withdrawal are guaranteed at any time.

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