Dear valued customers,

they have been really difficult months for all of us. Nobody expected an event like Coronavirus.

The pandemic broke out like lightning and forced us to give up what gives dignity and meaning to our life every day: our work.
Our companies have been forced to close, our studios have been forced to close, our stores, as well as our restaurants. Our adventure companions – our employees – have been forced to stay home with the evil fear of not having enough liquidity to reach the end of the month.

These have also been difficult months for our company; our most established customers know how important human contact is in what we do.

Entrusting our money to another person means entrusting him with a piece of our life: behind that bank wire there are years of efforts, ingenuity, disappointments, joys and hopes. To make such a symbolic gesture, it is a must to get to know each other personally and totally understand the values of the counterpart, speaking and looking into each other’s eyes. Our business model is based on this, we are convinced that our potential customers have every right to know our world firsthand. We are equally convinced that our customers deserve from us maximum privacy and protection in the use of our investment services, for this reason – despite having thought about it – in the end we considered the possibility of allowing you to invest in gold online useless.
Certainly this is an unpopular choice, taken at a time when all companies traumatized by what happened and strongly afraid of possible new waves of contagion aim at the most extreme digitization, but which is faithful to our values.

During the month that has just started, it will be possible for our European customers to travel again throughout the national and European territory, including, of course, Germany. As for non-EU customers, we’re sure that immediately after the pandemic has calmed down, the same will be done by you too and we can’t wait to see you.

It is therefore with great joy that we communicate to our European customers the resumption of the vault inspections, the consultations and the signing of new investment contracts.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.


Luca Quartana – BonusOro COO

A Letter To Our Customers