Protect the value of your assets with gold

Gold is a safe-haven asset, that is, a type of asset that retains its value over time and guarantees protection for the assets in the event of inflation, defaults, financial and economic crises and unexpected events in the political scenario.

What is a safe haven

A safe haven activity is a particular asset that does not lose its value following financial market crashes, economic crises, geopolitical upheavals and other shocking events.
Investing in a safe-haven asset does not have a speculative purpose, but has the primary purpose of protecting assets from the disastrous consequences that the above events cause. Therefore, this type of investor does not seek a large increase in the amount invested in the short term, but he seeks to preserve mainly the capital employed in the investment by earning in the long term.

Why is gold a safe haven

The real secret of the enormous value given to gold is its consolidated history and its multiple functions not only in the financial sector but also in the fashion, technological and aerospace sectors. Its difficult availability and its limited quantity cause a very high evaluation even in the presence of catastrophic financial events, since the extraction of the metal is a very complex and extremely expensive process. Gold is so important that it is used in the form of reserves by many governments around the world (including USA, first country in the world for the amount of gold held in its vaults) and by the largest investment banks.

What events does gold protect from

The yellow metal offers protection in the stormy stages of inflation, deflation, defaults and financial speculation in general. During these events, not only does gold tend to keep its value stable but it even tends to increase in price.
Gold cannot be repudiated as in the case of paper currencies and has an intrinsic and equal value in every part of the world. In every country of the planet – by selling gold – the investor will receive the same currency value as the other currencies.

Gold has never suffered inflation
or default

Which institution controls the price of gold

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is the professional organization that supervises the world trade in gold and silver and is based in London. The LBMA is an institution of absolute seriousness and is composed of large institutional traders.
Holding gold bullion certified by the London Bullion Market Association means having the absolute certainty of holding gold which value is the same as the official price.

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