Best gold investment companies

If you are looking for the best gold investment companies, you are in the right place. BonusOro is a German gold investment company that since 2008 offers its customers asset protection, asset management and tax solutions using physical gold, a precious and long-lasting asset.

Physical protection solutions

BonusOro, as one of the best gold investment companies, first of all allows you to protect your capital from future risks related to creditors and legal disputes, by listening to your needs and planning an asset protection strategy.

By investing in gold, you convert your capital into a physical asset and deposit it in high-security vaults located in Germany.
From that moment on you become the true owner of your assets, as the gold bars are all in the investor’s name and are easily manageable.

Unlike other companies that acquire all customer data online (including very sensitive data), BonusOro acquires them and keeps them only in paper form. Maximum privacy.

Asset management solutions

We at BonusOro – as one of the best gold investment companies – offer simple buying methods. We don’t apply high spreads to either buying or selling. Our company simply charges a small fee for vault, insurance and customer service, ranging from 1 to 2% per year.

For clients who want to quickly maximize their investment income, our company offers many ideas, suggestions and additional solutions (all optional, of course).

The company, for example, makes its interested customers buy properites in Germany putting a part of the gold as a guarantee for the bank concession. The country, indeed, has a very strong real estate market too. The properties that BonusOro manages to get its customers to buy often have tenants already inside, who will pay the rent starting from the following month. The profits, in this way, repay the loan in a short time and are added to the profits obtained thanks to the rise in the price of gold.

100% tax-free investment

Unlike other investments, investing in physical gold in Germany is completely tax free. When purchasing and holding physical gold bars in Germany, you will not have to pay any taxes or duties in accordance with German tax law.

For residents and German companies, the taxation of capital gain for gold after 12 months of holding is also exempt. This means that by purchasing and holding gold in Germany for at least the 12 months following the purchase, no taxation will be applied even on any gains that the investment should bring to the investor.

Happiness is worth gold

Legal protection

In order to better protect investors, German investor protection involves a number of measures:

  1. Legislation: Numerous regulations have been adopted in Germany to improve investor protection. The Investor Protection and Functional Improvement Act created a legislative framework which provides, for example, for the establishment of a general register in Germany. The law also requires financial advisors to have at least five years of professional experience. In addition, this act requires investors to be informed of the risks and details of an investment before closing.
  2. Financial service provider authorization requirement: One way to better protect investors is to introduce an authorization requirement for financial service providers. This allows supervisors to better control which companies are active on the market.
  3. Transparency creation: Transparency is created, for example, by investors insured on the details of a financial product through a detailed product information sheet. In addition, investors receive accurate information about the fees incurred. There is also a transparent approach for investors when price or profit changes are immediately passed on to investors.


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