Children’s savings account through physical gold

Children’s savings account

This product is designed for all children under 18 years of age. Everyone can open a children’s savings account for their child or grandchild for free. Physical gold – pure 24-carat gold (999.9), LBMA certified – can be purchased monthly even in very small quantities (starting from $ 25.00 per month).

As a welcome, each child receives the finest gold refinery bar (after an initial deposit of at least $ 60.00). The special feature of opening a deposit account for children is 3% interest in gold, which the client receives annually if he has not earned an accumulation of at least $ 3,000.00. Once you have exceeded $ 3,000.00 you’ll no longer receive a 3% annual return but a return – always in the form of physical gold – of 0.5% per month, provided that you keep the gold in our vaults. It is also possible to immediately invest the amount of $ 3,000.00 or more. There are no opening or closing costs, nor maintenance costs.


Buying gold for your child in Germany exempts the sum invested by the risk of devaluation and default first. In fact, gold is independent of banks and markets. The amount invested will deviate from all possible financial risks. Your child’s treasure will be kept in our secure vaults, among the safest in the world. No data exchanges take place.


The market price of gold in itself is appreciated over time. Nevertheless, opening a children’s savings account with us we also recognize an interest in the form of gold of 3% per annum up to a sum of $ 3,000. Exceeding $ 3,000 you’ll receive a monthly return of 0.5%. Your baby’s nest egg will grow twice.


The purchase and holding of physical gold in Germany is 100% exempt from the payment of VAT and any other tax / duty. Furthermore there are no opening costs and maintenance costs. The gold in the vault is insured for the exact amount, even the insurance is offered by us free of charge. The contract has no time constraints and may be terminated at any time without penalty.


In a few years, your child will find himself a real asset, his property 100%, being physical gold a tangible asset and not a virtual asset like money on bank accounts. At that point your child, by now a man, will be able to decide whether to terminate the contract and collect the profits of years and years or reinvest them again in products designed for adults.

Why open a children’s savings account

Gold has always been and always will be a symbol of wealth, a refuge for excellence. Gold, given its rarity, its prestige, its thousand-year history and its multiple functions doesn’t run any default risk. The value of gold, on the other hand, grows more and more. The yellow metal is in continuous appreciation thanks to the reasons mentioned above. Buying physical gold for your child or grandchild, depositing it in Germany, means guaranteeing them a prosperous and peaceful future.

Open a Children’s savings account.

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