Investing in gold in Germany is a discreet investment. BonusOro takes particular care of the privacy of its customers. No procedure takes place online, the contract is signed in person and official correspondences are exchanged via international registered mail with return receipt.

The risk of online accounts

There are countless thefts that many bank accounts and deposit accounts suffer daily. Most users now prefer home banking, open and use financial accounts online. As comfortable as it may seem, the risks are huge, especially if online accounts have considerable sums within them. The techniques used by hackers are in fact increasingly accurate: phishing, trojan banking, VoiP attacks and much more.
In addition to money, the risk of storing sensitive personal and financial data within a potentially interceptable online platform is a further big problem.

Investing with BonusOro

BonusOro has as its cornerstone of its business model the obsessive attention to the privacy of its customers. The company does not offer gold investments online, nor does it release interactive online platforms containing sensitive data to its customers. The acquisition of customer data takes place live and the retention of the same takes place only in paper format. Correspondence takes place via international registered mail with return receipt, although customer service support is available 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

No data exchange

Unlike other institutions, BonusOro does not transfer the data of its customers to third parties and has not entered into agreements with any entity, being a totally independent private company.

Invest in gold with the
more privacy level
high in the world

Physical inspections of the vault

For customers who fear being seen when they come to Germany to inspect the vault containing their gold, BonusOro offers them a truly enviable service: a shuttle with tinted windows with transport costs borne by them goes to pick them up at the place of arrival, he accompanies them to the building containing our vaults, entering the vehicle from the underground garage to avoid prying eyes and at the end of the inspection he takes them back to the indicated place, always with the utmost discretion.

Gold investment in Germany, a discreet investment.

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