Investing in gold, a safe choice

Protect your wealth by investing in gold bars in Germany. Buying physical gold and then depositing it in armored vaults in Germany – insured for the exact amount – make your capital safe. We guarantee you that your data will not be exchanged with anyone. Anonymity is guaranteed. You’ll always be the sole owner of the gold you purchased, there’s no co-ownership.


No inflation and default risk

Gold is not subject to inflation and will never fail and go into default unlike paper money. This is because the yellow metal is not bound to financial markets and banking circuits. Investing in gold, therefore, means having the absolute certainty of never seeing one’s money depreciated. Gold is a safe-haven asset.


VAT exempt

By law you’re exempt from paying VAT. There is no additional cost and there are no maintenance fees, the only payment to be made is that of the value of the gold purchased, which is configured as 24-carat gold bars, purity 999.9 / 1000, LBMA certified.


Interested investors are always invited by us to Frankfurt to allow them to attend all the procedures. No advance payment is required.

Gold is continuously rising. If you invest now, soon your assets will increase exponentially.

Gold = Wealth

Investing in gold makes you richer

If in addition to protection you also want to increase your capital, investing in gold in Germany is ideal.
The price of physical gold, in fact, is constantly increasing. In 2008, for example, 1 kilo of gold cost about $ 26,000. In 2012 the price exceeded $ 57,000 per kilo. The future is no less. The continuing uncertainty about the economic and monetary policies of the whole world can only make the precious yellow metal more and more appreciated.

In the bank you are insured up to $250,000

The sums deposited on current and deposit accounts are covered by the guarantee offered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which guarantees for each account holder up to a maximum of $250,000 of the amount deposited in each bank in which the account holder holds an account. However, in this period of extreme instability it would not be unusual to receive bad surprises even about the bank guarantee.

By investing in gold in Germany, your assets are insured for the exact amount you invested.


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