If I buy gold in Germany what kind of gold will I receive?

BonusOro sells to its customers physical investment gold bars with a purity of 999.9 / 1000 and 24 carats. All gold bars are processed in the most renowned German gold refineries and have the LBMA certificate.

Where is my gold deposited?

Our clients’ gold is deposited in the maximum security vault in Frankfurt. The vaults belong to German storage companies independent of BonusOro, which makes the whole process more transparent.

Are the deposited assets insured?

The vaults containing the gold bars of our customers are insured for the exact equivalent in EUR currency, even for the largest amounts. The insurance protects the investor from any type of risk, such as fires, explosions, bombings, thefts and more.

Is my data transferred to third parties?

BonusOro guarantees a very high level of privacy to its customers, for this reason it does not transfer the data of its customers to third parties for any reason and keeps them only in paper format.

Is gold still owned by me even if deposited?

Yes. BonusOro does not hold any co-ownership shares. All the gold bars of our customers, even if temporarily deposited in our vaults, remain the property of the investor and the latter can dispose of them in all respects. The investor receives numerous certificates from BonusOro which certify that the investor owns the bars.

How can I be sure that BonusOro does not reinvest the bars without my knowledge?

A serial number is engraved on all the gold bars that BonusOro sells to its customers. If the investor decides to withdraw his gold, he can see that the serial number is the same, even after many years.

Can I physically inspect my vault?

Yes, it is possible.

Can I physically withdraw my gold bars?

Yes, anytime.

Does BonusOro guarantee the repurchase of my gold?

Yes, BonusOro guarantees the repurchase of the gold bars of all its customers. You can sell your gold at any time. The value of the sale in EUR currency will be disbursed in the following 24 hours.

If I sell or withdraw my gold, is the contract to be considered concluded?

Liability between the parties ends when the customer has collected or sold all the gold present in his vault. If you only sell a part of gold or if you make a partial withdrawal, the contractual relationship is not to be considered concluded.

What are the available payment methods?

Bank transfer in favor of our trusted bank (Commerzbank AG) or cryptocurrency payment.