Gold as an investment: here are all the advantages

Gold as an investment is a very interesting concept: investing in gold is the best option to protect your money from any financial risk. But if you invest in Germany, the benefits are many more. Germany has a favorable jurisdiction for gold investors.

Protection first

Gold as an investment has always been a popular option among investors and most of them bought and holds gold in Germany. Investing in gold in Germany, in fact, allows you to protect your wealth from any financial risk. By depositing gold in high security vaults your money is safe. No data exchanges take place, anonymity is guaranteed. Furthermore, gold is independent of political facts, financial markets and banks, it doesn’t suffer inflation and doesn’t face a default risk.

Your money isn't safe in the bank

Every day on the horizon there is a new financial risk. Imagine what would happen to your money if the hectic days of 2008 recurred again, if your bank went bankrupt, or if markets suddenly collapsed. Investing in gold in Germany – depositing it in high security vaults – offers you an insurance for the exact amount invested, not like in the bank where even the largest assets are covered up to $250,000.

Tax-free investment

According to the German tax law, gold investors don’t have to pay VAT for the purchase, which is mandatory for any other goods. Not only, there’s no maintenance fees.

Do you want to live carefree?
We recognize you 4.2% per year


Investing in gold also allows you to increase your assets. If you’ll invest in gold with us (all our bars are pure 24-carat gold (999.9) and are certified by LBMA), you’ll also receive an interest in gold equal to 4.2% per annum, the interest is contractually guaranteed. Your assets will increase both thanks to the annual return and thanks to the increase in the gold market price; the value of the yellow metal, in fact, is increasing more and more. If you invest now, you could find your assets increased sooner than you think.

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