Our customers are 100% guaranteed

Once the gold value has been paid (by bank transfer), we’re obliged to convert your money into gold and deposit it in the safes we’ll propose to you within 24 hours. No advance payment: you can make the bank transfer directly in Germany and stay here for a few days to view the live procedures, without losing sight of anything. Transparency is everything to us.

What you receive

Immediately afterwards you’ll receive an invoice, a certificate of ownership and an identifying customer ID. You’ll also immediately receive an online platform where you can log in with your login and password and check your assets every day. You can, if necessary, even ask us to inspect your protected vault in Germany. Your gold is fully insured, both during the transport phase to the vault, and during the stay in the vault and during the phase of possible resale for a value equal to that invested by you.


You’re and you’ll always be the only owner of the gold you purchase and you can manage it as you see fit. Throughout the contractual phase, your gold is deposited in our high security vaults where no one can enter. Finally, remember that we don’t provide data to third parties, because we’re a private company and we’ve not stipulated and never enter into agreements with any entity.