High return investment

Gold is a very high return investment, especially in a long term view. Its value has almost doubled compared to 5 years ago.

High return investment with low risk

Gold is a high return investment despite its very low volatility, making it a high return investment and a low risk investment at the same time. Unlike other financial tools which can bring a huge profit but also large losses in a short time, gold gradually increases its value over the years. Given its low risk and huge earning potential, gold proves to be the ideal choice for investors who do not urgently need liquidity.

Central banks' gold demand raise the price

The main reason why gold can be considered a high return investment is above all its demand which brings the price high. Demand and supply levels indicate that gold remains a highly sought-after choice, both by states and institutions and by private individuals. Lately, global central banks, particularly those in Russia and China, have rapidly increased their gold reserves with billions of dollars of gold buying. Therefore, huge purchases of gold by institutional institutions cause a positive chain reaction. In this way, in fact, demand also grows among private investors who, influenced by the choices of central banks, buy gold, thus causing an increase in prices.

Other factors that raise the demand

The gold demand – therefore also its price – grows enormously also in conjunction with shocking financial and geopolitical events, such as recessions of the economically most influential countries, inflation, defaults, speculations, wars, terrorist attacks, epidemics and more.
This happens because in the presence of catastrophic events both institutional and private investors immediately opt for safe-haven assets.
The high frequency with which at least one of the following events occurs indicates that the price of gold could increase further over the years.

The high demand for gold increases
its price over time

Gold resale

When the customer wishes, he can resell all or even part of the physical gold to BonusOro and receive the bank transfer in a few days. Usually this occurs when the gold price exceeds the entry price, i.e. the price with which the customer purchased the physical gold.

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