How to protect assets from creditors?

Investing in gold is an excellent asset protection solution. Unlike abstract goods such like paper money, gold is a tangible asset that can be physically placed in a safe place.

How to protect assets from creditors

If you still don’t know how to protect assets from creditors, consider converting them into gold and depositing it in safe German vaults.

Gold is a physical asset and therefore is in full possession of its owner, the investor, who can deposit it in safe vaults thus freeing it from banks and third party interference in a completely legal manner.

Physical gold is able to offer asset protection from the following risks:

  • creditor attacks
  • executive and precautionary actions
  • divorce and family events
  • professional dangers for high-risk jobs (lawyer, doctor, etc.)
  • corporate crises and bankruptcies
  • contractual / non-contractual responsibilities

It is also possible to establish a foreign trust with gold. Read more.

Security measures

BonusOro deposits its clients’ gold bars in German armored vaults belonging to private German storage companies.

The security measures for customers’ assets are extremely advanced.
The basement containing the vaults is accessible only by first passing through an electronic security gate. By entering an identification number and a self-configured PIN, the gate opens and allows access to the vaults.
An additional key is required to unlock the safe.

Moreover, before the gate there is an armed guard to monitor the area, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The customer is the only owner of his gold. BonusOro doesn’t hold co-ownership shares. The customer can retrieve his gold at any time and manage it at will. If the customer wishes to visit his vault, he can do so at any time.

At the beginning of the investment, the client receives many certificates – including the ownership certificates and the LBMA certificates – which are useful in the resale phase.

Gold offers asset protection
It is a tangible asset and can be kept safe


We have seen how to protect assets from creditors in a completely legal way but without a high level of privacy the process is not complete.

BonusOro is a very discreet company and guarantees its customers absolute privacy. For this reason, customer data is not stored in electronic databases and is not exchanged with third parties. In other words, by investing in gold in Germany nobody will know.

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