Immediate Liquidity

Investing in gold in Germany guarantees the investor immediate liquidity at all times. When desired, the investor can immediately withdraw his gold bars or sell them to BonusOro and receive the bank transfer within 24 hours.

The importance of liquidity in an investment

In addition to risk and potential profit, what you absolutely must take into consideration when deciding to invest is liquidity. Liquidity is used to cope with urgent and unexpected expenses, such as failure of the water pipe, or emergency situations caused by the inability to work. Many investments prohibit the investor to withdraw his capital during the contractual phase, except with significant losses and / or penalties to be paid.

Guaranteed liquidity by investing in gold in Germany

By investing in gold in Germany, immediate liquidity is guaranteed to all customers. At any time it is possible to divest totally or partially. The investor can choose between different types of liquidity: he can choose to withdraw the physical gold bars in his possession by going personally to Germany or by delegating his own cash carrier, he can choose to have BonusOro deliver the physical gold bars in his possession anywhere in the world or he can resell the bars to the company obtaining the value of the sale on any bank account in his possession within 48 hours after the sale.

Physical withdrawal

Physical withdrawal is possible at any time without maximum limits of quantities of gold withdrawable. Since the physical gold bars are an exclusive property of the customer, he can get his property temporarily allocated in the maximum security vault immediately. The customer can decide to go personally to Germany and take on the transport of the metal, to delegate his own valuables or to let BonusOro send him the gold where the customer wishes. In the latter case there is a small charge for insured transport.

In case of emergencies or afterthoughts
you can immediately get back
your capital

Gold resale

The repurchase of gold bars is guaranteed for all customers at any time at the best price and without maximum limits. Once Gold has been repurchased, BonusOro sends the currency equivalent to the customer within the next 24 hours.

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