Insured investment

Investing in gold in Germany as well as being a very convenient investment in many respects also represents a real asset insurance. Unlike banks that are unable to insure all accounts, BonusOro offers insurance equal to the value of the investment.

Insurance on bank accounts

The money deposited into your bank account is guaranteed by the Interbank Fund with coverage that reaches up to a maximum of $ 250,000 per depositor and per bank. In other words, any sum that exceeds the maximum coverage is at risk and could be lost in the event of bankruptcy or default.

Insured investment

By investing in gold in Germany, in addition to taking advantage of countless other advantages, you can receive comprehensive insurance on the capital invested. In the remote case in which the gold bars deposited inside the vault should be damaged, it will be immediately possible to receive a refund in currency. There are no maximum insurable amounts.

What does the insurance protect from?

Gold bullion insurance protects against many risky and calamitous events such as thefts, fires, explosions, earthquakes, floods, bombings and much more.

Sleep soundly thanks
to comprehensive and
unlimited insurance

Possible insolvency of BonusOro

In the remote but possible case of insolvency of BonusOro, insurance – although existing – is not strictly necessary as the gold bars are the exclusive property of the customers and are in no way connected to the company’s corporate assets. BonusOro does not hold co-ownership shares and in the event of insolvency it would be forced to return the assets managed on behalf of the customers without even collecting the insurance.

Gold investment in Germany, a safe investment.

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