Investing in platinum in complete safety

Investing in platinum is an excellent investment choice, thanks to the many functions that the metal offers, which constantly increase its value. By investing in platinum in Germany it is also possible to enjoy state-of-the-art physical protection and excellent prices.

A precious safe haven asset

Investing in platinum is not a very popular investment choice. Nevertheless, investing in this noble metal can bring great benefits. Platinum, in fact, just like gold, can be considered a safe haven asset. Thanks to the growing and constant demand and the ever-decreasing supply (it is a limited good with high costs of extraction) platinum is increasingly increasing its value. Metal, among many other functions, covers the very important role of catalyst, having the power to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines. It is also very useful for the correct refining of petroleum and for the manufacture of medicines and numerous plastic objects. Its valuable functions are a guarantee of the actual perennial demand for platinum on a global scale.

Physical protection

Investing in platinum in Germany also means depositing part of one’s assets safely, away from banking and financial circuits. At BonusOro we offer secure storage solutions for platinum investors, making them deposit metal in underground vaults equipped with advanced security technologies and protected by armed guards. To get inside the vault, you must first enter a PIN and an additional identification number. At that point it is possible to pass through the security gate and access the basement. To unlock the safe you need the customer key and an additional security key, provided by our staff.

Maximum discretion

As well as for the storage of gold, in the same way for platinum investors, our company does not upload any type of data on electronic databases and does not transfer them to third parties. By buying and holding platinum in Germany, no one will know. To enjoy greater privacy and security, it is also possible to purchase platinum and segregate it in a foreign trust fund. Read more.

Do you want to live carefree?
With platinum it is possible to earn large sums

Competitive prices

With over 10 years of experience in the precious metals sector, BonusOro is able to offer its customers competitive prices for the purchase of platinum bars. Although it is a metal that is not readily available, we are able to sell massive quantities of platinum to investors thanks to a relationship of collaboration with many of the largest German platinum refineries. All our platinum bars are LPPM certified.

Investing in platinum, an excellent choice for portfolio diversification.

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