Investor protection

Germany is one of the countries with the highest legal protection of property. Financial operators are thoroughly controlled and extremely severe penalties are provided for in the case of circumvention.

Investor protection in Germany

The objectives of investor protection regulations in Germany are manifold. They can be divided into three main areas:

  1. Transparency: Improving investor protection makes it easier for consumers to identify costs and risks before deciding to make an investment
  2. Protection against dubious offers: In the gray capital market, without state financial supervision, there are some suppliers who do not use reliable methods and use their know-how to evade investors. German investor protection is intended to prevent this approach
  3. Asset protection: Investor protection is intended to help ensure that offers are actually beneficial to consumers

How investors are protected in practice

In order to better protect investors, German investor protection involves a number of measures:

  1. Legislation: Numerous regulations have been adopted in Germany to improve investor protection. The Investor Protection and Functional Improvement Act created a legislative framework which provides, for example, for the establishment of a general register in Germany. The law also requires financial advisors to have at least five years of professional experience. In addition, this act requires investors to be informed of the risks and details of an investment before closing. The Investor Protection Act involves additional legislative changes, which are reflected in the amendments to the Securities Trading Act, the Investment Act, the Securities Trading Information and the Insider Directory Ordinance or the Restructuring Fund Act
  2. Financial service provider authorization requirement: One way to better protect investors is to introduce an authorization requirement for financial service providers. This allows supervisors to better control which companies are active on the market
  3. Transparency creation: Transparency is created, for example, by investors insured on the details of a financial product through a detailed product information sheet. In addition, investors receive accurate information about the fees incurred. There is also a transparent approach for investors when price or profit changes are immediately passed on to investors
  4. Investor advice: Investors should be entitled to comprehensive advice in the context of investor protection, in which not only are the opportunities examined, but also the risks of an investment

Strict controls of financial operators

The financial operators of the Federal Republic of Germany are thoroughly controlled by the authorities with careful audits of the financial statements and with surprise inspections of the corporate offices. Any complaints from investors can lead to the seizure of the company and the immediate return of the assets to the legitimate owners. Investors’ assets cannot be reinvested or subtracted for corporate purposes, under penalty of immediate arrest of the managers.

Several legal protections and a
very strict rigidity protect
German investors

The transparency of BonusOro

BonusOro is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Darmstadt and has been operating in the gold investment sector in Germany since 2008, having received all the licenses necessary for the trade in precious metals from the German state. The company has as its trusted bank the bank Commerzbank AG which acts as an intermediary between the customer and BonusOro for all transactions. A Commerzbank AG consultant is available to BonusOro customers for any request or concern.

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