Protect your assets by investing in gold

If you are looking for a way to protect your assets, we inform you that we have a solution to permanently lock your assets, protecting them from any danger. Tax-free investment.

Save your money

If you don’t know where to invest money, consider the possibility of a gold investment in Germany. Buying gold in Germany and depositing it in high security vaults is a great way to protect your assets. Your capital, in this way, is protected from any financial danger. Your gold bars – 24-karat gold, purity 999.9 / 1000, LBMA certified – will be deposited in ultra-secure vaults, equipped with alarms and advanced technologies. The entire process is 100% independent of the banking circuit and financial markets. In addition, gold doesn’t suffer inflation and can never go into default, unlike paper money.

Your money isn't safe in the bank

In the bank all customer accounts are covered up to a maximum of $250,000. With BonusOro your gold bars in the vault are insured for the exact value of your investment.
Gold is always and only a customer property. The gold deposit is just a way to protect the bars, which would otherwise be found with kilos of gold and would know neither where to take it, nor how to protect it.

Tax-free investment

Buying gold in Germany is VAT-free, given that gold is not taxed in Germany. This is also a way of protecting assets, preventing them from being subjected to an exaggerated tax burden.

Do you want to live carefree?
The gold price increases more and more


In conclusion, we’ll also recognize a gold interest equal to 4.2% per annum, immediately convertible into dollars or whatever currency you want (contractually guaranteed interest), thus increasing your assets, which will increase thanks to the increase in the price of market given that the value of gold is growing from month to month.

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