Tax-free investment

Tax-free investing is possible if you invest in physical gold in Germany. The purchase and holding of gold is tax free. Capital gains tax on gold is also exempt for German residents and companies established on German soil.

Taxation for most investments

For almost all types of existing investments, taxation is provided for any financial income that the investment itself would bring; the financial income from an investment is known in the financial sector as “capital gain”. In Italy, for equity and bond investments, the capital gain tax is 26% for all capital gains obtained. The 26% tax is also applied to bank books and certificates of deposit, mutual funds and ETFs, as well as for stock dividends. For investments in government securities, a tax of 12.5% is envisaged.

Investing in gold in Germany without paying taxes

Unlike other investments, investing in physical gold in Germany is completely tax free. When purchasing and holding physical gold bars in Germany, you will not have to pay any taxes or duties in accordance with German tax law.

Capital gain exemption

For residents and companies incorporated in Germany, the taxation of capital gain for gold after 12 months of holding is also exempt. This means that by purchasing and holding gold in Germany for at least the 12 months following the purchase, no taxation will be applied even on any gains that the investment in gold should bring to the investor, according to German tax law.

Gold is a tax-free


Investing without paying taxes means focusing on what matters most when making an investment: profit. Investing in gold in Germany is an excellent tool for the capital increase, both for the strong upward trend in the price of gold, and for the non-existent taxation that reduces management costs.

Tax-free investment

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