Wealth management solutions for business companies.

A company’s assets are never safe: market swings, inflation and many other factors constantly endanger what a company has been struggling for years. Even exaggerated taxation is an insidious talk with which companies have to deal.

By investing in gold in Germany it is possible to cope with the innumerable risks to which the company’s assets are subject.

Asset protection

By buying gold on behalf of your company and depositing it in armored vaults, the company’s assets are safe and inaccessible to anyone. The investment is independent of banks and markets.

Capital increase

The price of gold is growing very fast. By investing in gold, it will soon be possible to earn huge profits to be reserved for the purchase of new machinery or to cover the company’s advertising costs.

Tax-free investment

The purchase of gold is exempt from any form of tax. By purchasing gold, the company will be exempt from paying VAT, which is mandatory for any other goods.

Free B/A and Mastercard

To receive the compensation, the company will have (on request and free of charge) both a German bank account and a German Mastercard.

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