Wealth management solutions for business companies.

Since 2008 we have been offering wealth management solutions through gold, a safe haven asset.
A company’s money is never safe: market fluctuations, inflation, deflation and many other financial dangers can jeopardize what a company has earned over the years.

By converting your income into gold (24 carats, 999.9/1000, certified by LBMA) your business wealth becomes independent of any financial risk (gold doesn’t suffer inflation and doesn’t face a default risk), becomes tax-free and increases by 4.2% a year if not even more.

Armored assets, independent from all

Buying gold on behalf of your company and depositing it in high security vaults in Germany your company assets are safe. Everything is independent of banks and markets.

You get 4.2% net annually

Every year your company will receive a 4.2% return on what it will invest. With this return, for example, your company can buy new machinery or cover costs for advertising.

You don’t need to pay taxes

The purchase of gold is exempt from any form of tax. By purchasing gold, your company will be exempt from paying VAT, mandatory for any other good.

Free bank account and Mastercard

Your company will receive both a current account and a German MasterCard for free.

Calculation example: your company invests $1 million. Every year it receives a gold interest of $42,000 net without having to do anything. In addition, that $1 million over time will become more, because the price of gold is rising.

There are no vault fees to pay and the contract can be terminated at any time. Gold in the vault is insured for the exact amount invested by your company. Anonimity is guaranteed.

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