How it all began

In 2008, at the beginning of the enormous global crisis that began with the American Great Recession, we realized that it was necessary to do something to save the many assets that had already been damaged or that were about to be completely damaged by the many effects negative effects of the crisis. Renate Mansueto, who already came from years of experience in the banking sector (she worked as a financial advisor for over 32 banks) was interested in precious metals, especially gold. The gold metal had all the conditions to consider itself a safe-haven asset. Our CEO then made many courses to become part of the list of professional operators of physical gold, which happened after a few months. From there our adventure began.

How we work

Our company can boast as business partners 6 of the largest gold refineries in Germany, with which we have a relationship of absolute trust since 2008. We believe that the customer has the right to receive as many guarantees as possible and has the right to be aware of every single step concerning the investment. We know very well how much our customers have striven to build their assets so we are absolutely aware of their initial fears and concerns, for this reason we use to invite all interested investors for a free consultation in Germany, to show them everything live, without any obligation.

Where we are

Our corporate headquarters is based in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt and we operate in several European countries in addition to Germany, such as Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain and Turkey. Our goal for the coming years is to consolidate our presence also in the United States and the Middle East.

Our team

Our team consists of physical gold operators, financial advisors, consultants, agents and lawyers, toghether with a Social Media Marketing team.
Our way of working is through a win-win relationship, which we believe is not only beneficial for our employees, but also for our customers around the world who will find greater satisfaction and greater efficiency of services.